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Our goal is to build a long-established cause and provide an entrepreneurial platform for people who have dreams. Looking forward to the future, the company will continue to advance to a higher level, explore and practice in the field of ecological direct selling, and seek for innovative development by combining direct selling with different industries. In the future, TROPJOIN  will be the leader of eco-direct selling+. It will also become the best platform for entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.


        Onthe business platform of TROPJOIN , marketing partners can use, sell, promote and share products, and learn the industry experience and sales skills at the same time.

  With the spirit of integrity management, and standardized development, TROPJOIN  Group has won wide acclaim from the market and people from all walks of life, and was awarded the Direct Marketing License issued by the Ministry of Commerce in June 2015, becoming a legal national enterprise for direct marketing; TROPJOIN  will abide by the law and standardize our business as usual, usher in new development opportunities at the same time. Relying on the solid stage of TROPJOIN , you will open up your wonderful life.


TROPJOIN  Group provides standardized and systematic professional training for its staff, helps its marketing partners to improve their basic skills such as business ability, sales ability and cultural connotation. In addition, TROPJOIN  will organize advanced training, outward bound training, leadership training, junior, middle and senior lecturer training according to the needs of marketing partners' career development and personal growth, and improve marketing partners through regular teaching, practical operation and other learning channels for sustainable development.


 TROPJOIN  provides marketing partners with the opportunities not only for business and success, but for a happy lifestyle. More and more partners of TROPJOIN  live a healthy, happy and successful life. In addition, TROPJOIN  also organizes its partners for a private customized luxury overseas trip every year.

Cast the source of health, beauty, career, love and hope, share healthy products, beauty industries and business opportunities, help more people have a quality life, and spread love and responsibility all over the country with our efforts.


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