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   As the state attaches great importance to the development of high-techindependent research and development, higher standards and thresholds for theidentification of national high-tech enterprises were set. Despite of this. TianjinTROPJOIN  Health Science and Technology Group Co, Ltd. has obtained the certificateof"National High-tech Enterprise" with its comprehensive strength.

    Focusing on the human health industry and adhering to the guidance oftechnological innovation, TROPJOIN  Group has been constantly working on improvingits independent research and development strength and has obtained a number ofscientific research projects with independent intellectual property rights and owned anumber of national invention patents. Being recognized as a national high-techenterprise, its independent research and development, technological innovation andother comprehensive strengths have been highly affirmed by the state, and the processof independent innovation and independent research and development of the companyhas been greatly advanced at the same time.

    In the future, TROPJOIN  will focus on increasing the investment in scientificresearch and training talents for innovation of new technologies, and enhancing thecore competitiveness of enterprises, and providing strong technical supports forsustainable development of enterprise. TROPJOIN  Group will strive to realize its greatvision of "Casting a Long-term Cause with Long History", accumulate wealth andmake progress towards the new goal of creating a national direct marketingentrepreneurial platform, and finally realize a new leap.

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