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    Standard enterprise colors: Blue, green, orange

    Blue: broad and lofty mind, persistence and innovation; 

    Green: purity and nature, safety and environmental protection, full of vitality; 

    Orange: health, vitality and happiness. 

    Shape symbol: 

   The lines running through the left and right below the figure symbolize a long-term and stable career platform, and also a track of moving to a higher place. The three figures above and the lines below form three freehand herringbone characters, which represents "many people" in terms of Chinese characters, symbolizing that all of TROPJOIN  people, including companies, distributors and leaders, are climbing hand in hand towards new goals. 

  The first figure from the right, representing the company, is the embodiment of honesty and responsibility, symbolizing that the company is always rushing at the forefront of our cause and paving the way to success for next generations;

The figure in the middle, representing the dealer, is the embodiment of partnership and harmony, symbolizing that the dealer is the core and backbone of our cause; 

    Graphics on the left: symbolizing the leadership, the embodiment of hope, outstanding brilliance and strong support. 


    Shengshengyuan brand image is a circle, divided with an S-shaped curve. The inspiration comes from Taiji diagram from China, which means that the body can only be healthy if it achieves all kinds of perfect balance. The figure on the left is a hexagonal molecular structure, symbolizing high technology; The figure on the right is a green leaf, symbolizing nature. The entire graphics expresses the meaning of the perfect combination of technology and nature and a healthy and satisfactory state of life. 

    Shengshengyuan is the core brand of TROPJOIN  Group for nutrition and health care products. Shengshengyuan Brand embodies thousands of years of excellent health culture in China and integrates modern health science and technology concepts to provide all-round health protection for people of different ages, sexes and constitutions. 


    Yuanzhiyun is a brand of TROPJOIN  Group for personal care products. This series of products are made of the essence of natural plants with high-efficiency scientific and technological ingredients, providing targeted maintenance and conditioning and meticulous care according to the characteristics of different parts of the body. 


    Jieyou is the brand of TROPJOIN  Group for household cleaning products. Jieyou is committed to the innovative R&D of household cleaning products by adopting natural high-quality formula, which are safe, convenient, healthy, environmentally friendly, easy to use and have good effect. 


Yiminkang brand advocates advanced health preservation concepts, the series of products under the brand provide humanized scientific and technological care to your life. 


     To meet the consumers' requirements on safety, health, gentleness and irritation-free of skin care products, TROPJOIN  has launched Shengzi, a brand for women's skin care products. All the products are made of herbal substances, which can meet the safety and health needs of consumers; It has brought a new revolution in skin care for female consumers. 


     Shengshi is a brand of men’s skin care products under TROPJOIN  Group. Shengshi is a nursing product developed by TROPJOIN  for men's skin characteristics. It adopts high-quality raw materials with reliable quality, and introduces medical concepts into the research and development of skin care products. The products can effectively clean the skin, moisturize and replenish the skin, and make men feel refreshed and comfortable, so as to enhance their external image, show their personal taste and increase their self-confidence. 

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